How YOU Can Help Bob Levinson

Over the past five years, many of you have asked how you can help our father and our family.  We appreciated all of the kindness, but we were unsure of what to tell you.
Now, our family does need your help.
We are trying to generate as much press coverage around the five year anniversary of the kidnapping of our father, Bob Levinson.  Here are the ways that you can help Bob and our family:
“Like” Help Bob Levinson on Facebook.  Ask your friends to “like” the page.  We are trying to get to 5,000 “likes” by the anniversary on March 9, 2012.
“Share” the status updates from the page.
Post a story or message on the page.  Even if you have only met Bob once, please post.  If you know Christine Levinson, please post.  If you grew up with any of the Levinson children: Susan Levinson, Stephanie Curry, Sarah Moriarty, Dan Levinson, David Levinson, Samantha Levinson, Doug Levinson,  please post a story.  If you know Bob’s children as adults, please post a story.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can e-mail these stories to  These stories matter!
Thank you to everyone who has already “liked” the page, “shared” an update, and to each person who has posted his/her own personal story about our Dad.
It is unfathomable to think that our father’s story is not covered in the press every single day.  Bob Levinson was abducted and is now being held against his will.  We will never give up hope and everyday we pray that today will be the day that our father will be released and allowed to return to the loving arms of his family.
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